“Took my first ‪#‎Vanquish‬ today on a hot, hot, hot but short 8 miler. LOVED the caramel apple flavor! It seemed to finish with a touch of salt, which is FUN, and it left me with no funky mouth and/or tummy. Can’t speak to enormous benefits over the long run, as I didn’t give it a fair shake, but re: taste, texture, packaging, finish, etc., Caramel Apple #Vanquish gets an A+! Thanks for sharing, Thomas Arthur! Maybe a second IRONMAN is on the horizon after finding a superior performance gel…”

Phil Y., Iowa City, Iowa. Long-distance Runner

“I tried it [HydraMax Elite] yesterday and almost every other post run hydration drink upsets my tummy!! This didn’t and tasted delicious too. #sold”

Amy R., Phoenix, Arizona. Marathon Runner

“The HydraMax looks like an amazing supplement for athletes. It’s something I would recommend to athletes because the ingredients are amazing. I tried the gels and was so surprised how good they taste especially the Caramel Apple. I was once sponsored by Power Bar and loved the bars but I didn’t like the gels at all.”

Suzy F.-H., Madison, Wisconsin. 3-time Olympian

“I will try and find some time to compose an evaluation of the product as well as a running bio sometime tomorrow for you. I think I’m addicted to your stuff though. I’m on the bandwagon.”

Boston Marathon Qualifier

“I met you at the Coralville Innovation Expo. Loved the samples. Much better than Cytomax which I was using. Better tasting and better performance or at least felt better after workout. Where can I buy it in bulk?”

Brian G., Peosta, Iowa