Jesse Vondracek is a facial hair aficionado, teacher, coffee addict, coach, professional triathlete and follower of the bear diet. The bear diet is a complex diet based on years of study in the field. It can be summed up by standing in the kitchen and asking yourself: What would a bear eat? This leads to a great deal of fruit dipped in nut butter, and the occasional fish if he’s standing by a river. Since it’s not always easy to catch fish while racing, he prefers Cardiostrong products during competition!

In his athletic pursuits, Jesse is striving to be at the pointed end of a few races every year. In 2015, he achieved podium finishes at the Challenge Denmark Iron Distance Triathlon (8:44), as well as the Oravaman Triathlon in Slovakia (arguably one of the hardest half iron distance races in the world). He looks to continue this success streak at Ironman Arizona this Fall.

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