Triathlete, Beach Lover, Explorer


Claire Dedden is an Aussie triathlete from Newcastle, Australia. Claire grew up on the beach and is currently a part of the Newcastle triathlon club and multisport collective training team. SHe does local races almost every weekend and her first big race this year will be Spark Helmore Newcastle! Triathlon has always been in Claire’s family. Both her parents competed in numerous triathlon events and even made worlds! Her aunt also completed the Hawaii Ironman in Kona, Hawaii.

Claire loves sprint distance triathlons, but plans on getting into Olympic distance events also. Training is always the highlight of her day since triathlon is her passion. Claire is mentally and physically strong and wakes up everyday around 5am to train with the team! Training with others really drives her to push herself and perform at her best. Claire is a fighter and has come back from a 2 year hiatus due to a nagging tibial fracture. Claire has overcome many challenges in her life but each challenge has been a learning experience and they’ve certainly made her a stronger person.

If all goes right, look for Claire in the ITU Worlds in 2018! Some fun facts about Claire: She doesn’t drink alcohol, she goes to the beach daily, loves golden retrievers, loves to travel and explore!

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